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Arabinvest.io is in direct partnership with The Arab Investment Company Ltd (TAIC) is a Pan-Arab joint-stock company established in July 1974 and owned by governments of 17 Arab states with an authorized capital of US$ 1,200 Million and a paid-up capital of US$ 800 Million. Its prime objective, according to the terms stipulated in its Memorandum of Association, is to "invest Arab funds to develop Arab resources in different economic sectors by initiating investment projects in different economic sectors including crypto currencies, based on sound economic and commercial criteria, in a manner that would support and develop the Arab economy". The Company enjoys all guarantees and concessions provided by the national, Pan-Arab and foreign investment codes in the shareholder countries that’s to say that Arab Investment company has been in existence for a long time but decided to open door to investors to invest using crypto currencies which is now getting to be the the top E-Currencies of the nation we guarantee our investors a long lasting good and stable services we promise to keep up with our investment return due to the fact that this is a genuine company which is genuine to invest and earn from.

Bitcoin investment

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